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delta^ as time constant, this is my very first digital module, its a sequencer not really sequencer. It doesn't follow the 16 step dogma and doesn't really follow either what you tell him to do. He listens but he is independent, kinda, he only deals with rhythm. It's a collective of tap tempos that interacts between each other through boolean logic. Each column takes care of a gate output.

Anyway, i started this module because I wanted to give myself a coding project to work on. It is composed by a group of mechanical keyboard cherry MX switches (16), one rotary encoder, and some pots, just to give enough material to work and experiment on within the C environment.

The processor thats been assigned this infamous role is the ARM cortex M0, same one you can find on teensy LC, small, quite cheap, and powerful. There are 4 gate outputs, and 2 DAC outs, since i wanted to play with CV generation (mainly looping envelopes/LFOs).

I've been for a while quite bored of the classic 16 steps structure that sequencers have and wanted to have a rhythm generator that is only in part controllable.

The inspiration came to my mind after playing with a moog subharmonicon. Its sequencer create a huge variety of

rhythms by doing XOR logic between two 4 steps patterns. Exclusive OR logic means that when you compare "a" and "b" (we are talking about binary so only values admitted are 0 and 1)  the result c will be 1 only when one or the other are high and never when they both are high or low.

Heres the truth table:           

                                         So what i decided to do is to make something similar but using tap tempos, and by using four of them                                             you can get some pretty nice evolving rhythms. Future implementations will be to have control of the                                               phase of each tap tempo independently. Some clock dividers will be implemented too, I have an idea                                             about calculating on the go weird ratios by comparing the taps.....but lets see, I like the beauty of                                                     chaos.

                                         As i already stated, the module in picture is a prototype and was meant to be used as a blank slate to                                               learn C, but now i know what I want! a smaller version is on the go, less pots, moure outs, more fun.



Screenshot 2021-08-26 at 05.18.19.png
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